Boys Local

We offer Boys Volleyball Local team training year round. Local is great for athletes who want to start playing volleyball or is a good option for multi-sport athletes. We have Local teams in age groups for athletes ages 9-18 years old. We break the year into 4 seasons. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. With a lower commitment and price point, Local is a great way to learn the game.

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Summer Local Progam Info

The Genuine Boys Volleyball Summer Program is designed for Middle School (5th to 8th Grade) Volleyball Players and High School (9th to 12th Grade) Volleyball Players. This is for beginner or intermediate volleyball players. Athletes will practice twice a week and teams will compete in 1 Local Tournament. The Summer Program is a 2 month program running from Mid-July through the end of August. Please note players can join at anytime. All players will be placed on a local team.